Linda’s long day is Thursday, so while she was at school, Alex & I decided to take a field trip to a town nearby, called Bingen, which sits right on the Rhein River. I’m including some pictures taken from a park/’look-out point’ that Alex & Linda discovered. Those of you who have been to Erden, Traben-Trabach, & the Moesel region will recognize the very family look that a wine-growing area in Germany has.

We walked along the river just as the sun had set & what there were of city lights reflected off of the water in a manner that makes theBean feel all mushy inside. Missed you.

Then, we headed towards the downtown, which was a lot like the other small village/towns we’ve been too – with the very misplaced, high-end retail shop thrown in to remind me that some people like their fashion, & that being a snappy dresser knows no geographical boundaries.

I’m also including a picture of Alex & Linda’s front door, & by popular demand, am showing a picture of one of the massive roosters that enjoys serenading me at 4 a.m.

One of these times, I might even get a picture of me with the people I’m hanging out with too.