musings on a Thursday…

One thing about having big kids is that my socks end up in 3 different rooms, & disappear with alarming regularity. For me, socks are sacred, & should be set apart only to me. Yet, my own flesh & blood take them on a daily basis, leaving me with nothing but… one sock, missing a partner.

DVR is the only reason I end up watching TV anymore – as the times that the shows I like are on, I’m either otherwise occupied or in dreamland.

I’m leaving for Frankfurt on Tuesday next… and am in cleaning & packing mode already – I’m plotting a 1 carry on, 1 small suitcase attack this time, with a minimum of clothes. Meaning, either I’ll wash my stuff a couple of times on my 12 day trip, or I’ll become very ripe & fit right in with the Euro vibe.

Petite Sirah is the best grape, in my opinion. And Stag’s Leap is the best of those…

I want to go to grad school, & am researching a masters program that I can get behind… not just for the sake of getting a masters, but something that I really want to study. I thought I’d be working through the LPC, but the promised program never materialized…

I can jump rope for 5 minutes straight without missing. That’s a record for me. Its one of my favorite forms of exercise, & the kids on the playground think I’m moto-cool.

I’m looking forward to the presidential (& other) election being over – campaign season is one of my least favorite times of the year… On top of that, listening to the rhetoric can make one lose ones lunch. Does ANYBODY really believe this stuff? I mean REALLY?

The thing I miss most while I’m out of the country is… theBean. No surprise. Second… coffee on demand, (aka, the OtherBean). I have learned to appreciate the otherBean even more due its lack of availability, though the German Hefeweizen has a way of making up for the java, though at a completely different hour of the day/night. The Hefe is one of the great uniters in Deutschland, giving built in time to hang out, to pontificate, to bond. Hmmm.

It’s now 10 minutes into 31 October, & I’m wishing I was asleep, so I’ll say to you, “Good night now!”

5 thoughts on “musings on a Thursday…

  1. I regularly steal my husband’s socks and this bugs the heck out of him especially when he sees me wearing them later in the day. Seems like a reasonable solution so close by when your own drawer has no matching socks :) Fortunately, he can’t return the favor as my socks are to small :0

  2. Stags Leap is quite awesome.

    I miss the Deutsch Hefe. It inspired me to try and brew my own liquid excellence…still working on that.


  3. My dad was always quite anal about his socks. He numbered the pairs (1,1 2,2 etc…) and would keep track of what numbers he wore that week, then if he was missing a sock after laundry, he would go around asking all of us if we had seen his #7, or whatever.

    As far as the elections, I fully agree– I feel like it’s all about choosing the lesser of two evils.

    Hope you had a good sleep!

  4. Erica- sock stealing is a capital offense in my house. Keep that in mind. :)

    Mr H – Amen.

    TIm – Yes.

    Jeni – Unfortunately, I woke up at 3:30 & was up for 2 hours. It should be helpful though, when I'm in Deutschland next week…

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