Getting ready for a trip…

This coming Saturday, the Bean & I are off to Virginia – actually a little town called “Christiansburg.” Holy, huh? I’ve been doing some research for any down time that we might have – so that I can offer the Bean a PLETH-ora of options if & when she wants to get out & explore America’s version of Bavaria…

One place I know we’re going is the Floyd, VA Country Store – for the Friday night clogging & bluegrass… I know we’re going, because my friend Chuck, (the guy who oversees the Pastoral Care for Foursquare) has recommended it, will be going, & has said that he loves it because it is a great picture of what church could & should be like. I’ve never clogged, but I am familiar with a rocking chair & Southern food. Hmmm.

I found that only 25 miles away is a genuine, Class A Minor League team, the Salem Avalanche. They Avs happen to be in town for 6 of the 10 days we’re there, & the Bean has already given approval to a road trip or 3 for the night games. $7 General Admission to get in. And Koby Clemens catches for them.

Our days will involve the two of us meeting with Chuck for counsel, then maybe 1 or the other having some solo time; in preparation for this, we’ve both been doing our ‘homework’ which means reading & listening to a lot of background material that Chuck will be bringing up with us in our talks – a lot of great, great stuff from the store at Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, with resources from Peter Scazzero et al. Stuff like: “The Courage to Pursue Emotional Health;” “Accepting the Gift of Your Emotions;” “Living Faithful to Oneself;” “Going Back In Order to Go Forward;” & “Enlarging Your Soul Through Grief…” to name a few.

We talked about it a bit yesterday in the tag-team speech; but we’re both approaching this time as a gift. We’re not going to Virginia because everything is coming apart at the seams, or because our relationship is on the rocks. We’re going because we’re fortunate enough to have a leadership team at Hillside & also in our District that believes in us, & in giving us opportunity to grow, change, & work on our relationship proactively, before we’d get to the danger zone.

Maybe its because ‘counseling’ had been so stigmatized… spoken of in hushed tones about people who had come to the end of their rope, & as a last ditch effort, were going to counseling… That may be true for how others look at it, but for me & the Bean, its for the hope of growth & new life.

I’m hungry – so I’m going scavenging. Until later… Ciao!

6 thoughts on “Getting ready for a trip…

  1. When I was 18 my family of origin went to something very similar for a week. I had pre-conceived notions of laying on a couch and spilling my guts. Everytime my counselor asked “how does that make you feel?” I would hide a smile. It wasn’t a walk through the tulips as looking inward can bring up some nasty stuff. But very healing, if that is not to cliche to say.

  2. sorry i missed that speech. perhaps i shall download it. one of my womens fell down the stairs and necessitated an early departure. good times.

  3. Thanks for the cd… listened to it today, very convenient:) Have a great trip!!!

  4. erica – looking backward to go forward… I like it. :)

    brintus maximus – I'll bring you a CD tomorrow. Sorry about the falling downstairs. That is inappropriate & shouldn't be allowed. You should pass a rule.

    laura- yer welcome. Glad to be able to help :)

  5. One key to success next week will be for you to answer ever question with a question OR just say, “curious . . .”

  6. i hope this trip is just what you are looking for and that all your hopes for the time spent there are met. safe travel and good, relaxation for you and the bean.

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