more musings, or "It’s Monday again…"

I’m trying to get back to my Boundaries series… it will happen. Oh, yes. It will.

Can’t believe its already been 1 week since my last post… where does the time go? Maybe if I had an x-box of my own, I could totally get into Assassin’s Creed or some other sweet RPG that I could then blame for the loss of time. But I got nothin’…

After much discussion, the Bean & I are off to the Center For Spiritual Renewal to rest, receive counsel, grow together… to discover new ways to live & work together, as a team, working at this mission we’re both on. It’s kinda about church, but its mostly about us & how we’ll live out in the various contexts that life entails for us… church. Looking at 8/9 – 8/20, including travel dates. Anyone ever been to Christiansburg, VA? Shontell? Got any advice?

A good cup of coffee is hard to find. I am not pleased with my coffee maker right now. Yes, it is an inanimate object, but I am thinking of dropping it for a good French Press…

Stargate: Continuum comes out tomorrow. With Jack O’Neill. 2 L’s. I smile. Need a reminder?

Ellie G can crawl. Made it into my office even. I must remember to stock my desk with plenty of treats so that she’ll never leave. Chocolate icing seems to be the favorite. Don’t tell.

The company that almost finished our patio is nowhere to be found. No returned calls. No messages. Nothing. All we need is a ‘sealer’ for the concrete. Cause man, it’s cured by now. Amigos, where are you?

Friday, I get to be a part of a wedding ceremony… As one of my “parts” in the ceremony, I get to fulfill a dweam wiffin a dweam. I get to say a line, then lift up my right hand, out to the side, about shoulder level, palm up, & then everyone repeats after me. Ahhh. Nice. I’ll just have to remember not to do it in my Heemo-shermo voice. (Demonstrations available upon request…)

Somedays, when I feel like I do today, I just wish that I was in Disneyland. Or California Adventure. Not necessarily even on the rides. Walking Main Street. Near the Grizzly Bear mountain. Smelling the happy food smells. Watching my family enjoy themselves. Nighttime. Definitely at night time. I’d even eat ice-cream today.

On that note, the special diet is working well – I’m in the groove, though softball on Mondays & Tuesdays has really thrown a monkey wrench into the gym schedule. Trying to pace myself so I don’t run out of gas… haven’t got to weigh myself in a week, so I don’t know what the damage is… last time I was at 28 pounds. Gone. And I said, “Whoooaaahhhh…”

But I find that I am dreaming of food. Stuff like chocolate cupcakes. Fudge brownies. Pizza. Pinocchio’s wings. Claim Jumper Chocoholic Cake. Joey cakes. Hmmm. Now I’m salivating. Anybody want to make it for my berfday? Bean? Are you reading this still? Please?

I’m going to try to put the Boundaries #4 post up tomorrow… but don’t sue me if it doesn’t happen until Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “more musings, or "It’s Monday again…"

  1. Yah, don’t fly standby and by food before you get on the plane. The four hour plus flight is best enjoyed with a laptop and the Office Series. I am willing to let you guys borrow mine. Also, I recommend waiting until the pilot actually turns off the seat belt sign before getting up to use the RR. If you don’t, the lady will yell at you- a lot. Then you will be force to do what ‘someone I know’ did and once she yells ‘I CANNOT give you permission to use the facilities Ma`am. You are going to have to decide if this is an emergency or not!’ and say ‘ya know, I really think I am just going to pee.’ and do just that.
    For Joni, she may want to bring a sweater as it gets cold at night. Also, go visit Crumb and Get it. A great!! cookie place!! They even serve milk. YUM

  2. we go back and forth between coffee pot and french press. we just migrated back to french press. it makes yummier coffee for sure:) your trip sounds exciting!

  3. Not a big coffee drinker– hence the Senseo coffee machine that allows me to make one cup at a time, which for me is MAYBE once a week…

    Sorry to hear about the dreaming about food, though birthday wings sound quite good. I would advise eating the cake on your birthday just so you don’t dream about turning into a cake… And then if you try to eat any after your birthday, instruct your family to stab you with a fork… :)

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