It’s hard to remember how cold it was just a couple of months ago. Especially when its 95 in the shade of my porch, & the only respite is a hot breeze that feeds the desire to go inside & hide until it goes away.

Rollercoasters are fun to ride – esp. when you don’t quite know just when the car you’re in is going to jerk down in a big rush… the same can’t be said for the rollercoasters of life.

I meant to do something spontaneous today & it turns out that by the time I was ready for the spontaneity, it was time for me to go plan my little escapade… I tried to plan it out, but it just didn’t happen. Maybe tomorrow. Or Thursday. I’m leaning towards something spontaneous on Thursday.

The anticipation I feel waiting for something to come in the mail is rivaled by all the emotions I felt awaiting Christmas. Or my birthday. Or the opening of the LOTR trilogy. I love eBay purchases.

Wondering about the AAA baseball team coming our way, which was confirmed by the way by Destro’s actually WORKING on the stadium that is being built in downtown Reno. I can’t wait. & hope to get season tickets to be enjoyed with friends. I love baseball. I wonder why that is?

July 11 & 18th seem to be big days for the next round of ‘new’ TV shows to come out. Like Stargate Atlantis. Monk. And other stuff. That’s only a week away. Yay.

I’m still working on my people pleasing post.

Baby Todd could entertain me for hours with her head bobbing & Harpo Marx face. I could use it about now too. When life is out of perspective, there’s nothing like Baby Todd for a little levity. And she thinks I’m cool. Which shouldn’t be a negative reflection on her, as she’s a baby, & doesn’t know any better.

There’s lots of heavy stuff in life. Expectations of self are up there with the heaviest.

Reading in silence is one of life’s greatest pleasures, right up there with Fantasy Football. Only 1 more month, baby.

I wonder why I have an opinion on everything, & a strong one at that? Truly. What is it?

Facebook buries MySpace.

Risking intimacy buries being an island. I’ve done both. I’m off to some spontaneity…

6 thoughts on “Summer…

  1. -Your idea of spontaneity is exactly like mine… planned.

    -I completely agree with your facebook/myspace statement. I am trying to get everyone I know to convert over so that I can leave myspace for good.

    -Risking intimacy is extremely difficult (for me), but you are right, it is much, much better than isolation, even with the bumps that come along with it.

  2. You could always pretend to risk. Then you’ll never get let down. Ohhhhhhhh!

  3. I always enjoy your random thought blogs . . . Sort of a mental free-basing . . . Or mental base-jumping . . . What I’m implying is your thoughts are so exhilarating they could be illegal!

    Okay, that’s a little much but that’s how I roll . . .

  4. Not having people look you up on the Internet to simply “add you as a friend” and leave it at that buries Facebook and MySpace.

  5. Dude, I loved the random thoughts. That’s like a day in my brain. A new topic every 2 seconds. Awesome!

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