Friday fodder…

It’s Friday, 13 June… & I’m off today. So far, I laid on the couch (upstairs, then downstairs). Drank 3 cups of joe – the last one was a bit lukewarm… for some reason I wanted to spew it out of my mouth…made & ate a 2 egg omelette, w/fried Spam & Taco Bell sauce. A little slice of heaven.

Took the Subaru back to Brother’s house, & decided to run the 3.5 miles back home. At noon. It was hot… oops. First half of the lil jog I was lovin’ life. The last half, I was despairing of life. But, here I sit, a-typing, so I’m ok.

All day, been wrestling with my guts. They’re winning. The run helped. (Really!) But still, I think I’ll be parked on the couch for the rest of time.

Went to Costco to walk through w/the Bean, & something must be really, really wrong. She was ready to leave before I was. I think it’s just because she had a coffee date set up with Süße Sue. But, just in case, pray for me. Shopping is definitely out of the question.

I’ve got about 4 serious blogs circling my brain…

  • people pleasing.
  • Watching the organism called church changing (both locally & nationally) & feeling like I’m looking at a caterpillar caught halfway between stages in its morph towards a butterfly… & feeling like the church culture at large is hard to engage with… while at the same time, the morphed (morphing?) is too.
  • Adrenal fatigue, supplements, & other mind benders.
  • Small groups – specifically a Boundaries in Marriage small group – working through interpersonal relationships w/the context being marriage. I’m thinking of doing this in the Fall, & opening it up to marrieds & pre’s.
  • Diets – not so much the “Diet” to lose weight, but what we eat… & why we eat it. Esp. in the face of all the Evidence of the Right Way to eat, that ends up being contradicted shortly thereafter. What if a ‘diet’ for an individual human is just radically different than a ‘diet’ for another, w/the idea that everyone should eat/drink the same way should go the way of the dodo. Ok. That was 5. Sue me.

    Weepy again. Hmm.

  • 5 thoughts on “Friday fodder…

    1. don’t be sad:(

      your proposed small group sounds muy, muy interesante.

      i am impressed by your running in the heat of today, and glad to hear that you made it home without passing out:)

      that is all for today.

    2. Interesting . . . I feel sad and was considering blogging about it . . . I still may . . . or not . . . you know how it is when you’re sad . . .

      Those sound like great blog ideas . . . I hope you are able to work them out . . .

    3. When I’m sad, I’d rather watch House than blog. I suppose that’s strange but whatever…

      I look forward to reading all four— I mean five of those blog posts! :)

    4. I like all of the future blog posts you mention. But the interesting question. How in the world does fried Spam taste? Never eaten the food or even thought about it

    5. Dude, I’ve totally got more respect for you now. Fried Spam is amazing.

      Killer recipe: fried spam, top ramon, hard boiled eggs and green onions mixed together. Muy bueno!

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