I’m not much of a cowboy, but I’m doing plenty of mental wrangling… hoping that my brain is working right… wondering if it’s not… finding that I’ve got a worry knot at the base of my neck, & I’m attempting to finagle a deep tissue massage some time before my scheduled appointment on the 24th.

Off to Sac tomorrow for a hang out with Chum – his b-day is the 15th, & we try to take time at least once every 8-12 weeks to get a good lunch (Cheesecake Factory or Tony Roma’s) get some coffee (for me, foo foo for Chum) & catch a movie. It’s good just to spend time together – sometimes, the deep thoughts swarm like the proverbial Salmon of Capistrano, but other times it’s just light & goofy. We talk about 1 or 2x a week – on purpose. I’m thankful for my friend.

Spent the evening at UNR watching the Pasty Gangster scrimmage for the football camp – against 4 different teams. He’s a LB (linebacker) which means he tackles people. And man, they are BIG nowadays. There were quite a few guys that are running 6’4″ & 275+. Goodness. The Bean is not pleased about the prospects of Pasty encountering one of the big Thugs.

I’m at week 3.5 of a special type of eating. Enjoying it. Bring on the Flaming Hot Pork Skins. Yeah!

5 thoughts on “wranglings…

  1. have fun with the chum- if you see this before hand tell him i say happy birthday you old man you!! :)
    re:diet really you get to eat pork skins, what kind of diet is that?
    oh yea re:pasty if i was his mom i wouldn’t be able to watch the sight of a 6’4 275 guy on my son- that’s bigger than to mo!! crazy talk!!
    oh man i hope our boys like baseball and only baseball.

  2. yeah, i love the idea of my kid getting his 70 mph fastball sent right back at his melon with an underdeveloped reaction time.

    basketball is the answer, my friends. it is the coolest sport ever.

    enjoy the drive.

  3. hope you are having a nice trip.
    yes, what type of diet is this, a colon cleansing type? sounds like it to me.

  4. no… I did. And football is a great, great sport. I esp. think that Spawn-zayah has the personality for it.

    Brint – Touche… Can I play drums?

    laura- not a colon cleanser – but that would be a cool by-product of a oh-so-special way of eating… And so far it’s a way of eating that agrees with us.

  5. we are just not going to tell spawn zay ah of this particular sport. he will never know.

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