emotional gas tank…

And I thought the price of gas was high.

One of the things that I’ve been learning about myself over the last 18 or so months is that I need to keep a watch on my emotional gas tank… it runs out way, way, sooner than does my physical tank. The problem is, my emotional tank lies to me. Tells me everything is OK. No worries. Coping just fine, thanks for asking. I’m doing Well.

It could almost lead one to think that the emotional gas tank was doing just fine. But I’m catching on to it…

So far, I’ve found that doing things & being around people that I enjoy (or enjoy me, take your pick) makes me feel about 83% better. And the rest of the refill might just be waiting for the time to pass to allow healing. I feel weepy, & cry at the drop of the proverbial hat. Oh, the joy of being around me.

And wondering… what refills your emotional gas tank? Or, have you discovered that you HAVE one?

9 thoughts on “emotional gas tank…

  1. i have actually been realizing lately that i depend on people a little too much to fill my tank in places that only God and i should be dealing with the core reason for my emptiness. but, friends definitely help in appropriate doses:) also, taking time out to do things that interest me as a person… not just people in my family:)
    and one more happy face for the road:)

  2. almost forgot one more thing… blogging of course. if i am blogging a lot, you can bet i am most likely having a bad week.

  3. Hanging out with friends for sure . . . Like Laura, I find writing therapeutic.

    Reading scripture and prayer works sometimes, depending on how much I’ve had to drink . . .

  4. One more thought . . . Knowing that my emotional tank actually needs refilling before I actually run out is still a big part of the battle for me . . .

  5. I agree with plucky. I usually don’t realize that my emotional gas tank needs refilling until it has completely run out. At that point I go emo and I don’t feel like being around anyone and I just feel like sitting in the dark and crying. Once I’ve cried enough I start to FORCE myself to be around people again and the tank is refilled.

    I know what you mean about feeling weepy– Crying seems to be my reaction to everything. I wish it weren’t so, but at the same time I know what it costs to change that and I’m not going there again.

  6. Oh and one more thing–

    Just kidding, I just wanted to be like everyone else.

  7. writing, songs, books, just journaling. being around lil people (sometimes not always) who are so entertaining and a very good distraction, and watching funny movies.
    being around my family always makes me feel better too.
    i know when my emotional tank is on empty it’s filling it again when all the above mentioned things are not working that is the challenge for me.

  8. Doing something interesting out of the routine. this could be around friends or around family but mixing it up a bit. I have found this year that working in the yard has really refreshed me emotionally. I know when my emotional tank is empty when I cry in mid-sentence and over-react in anger to small annoyances.

  9. ooh, apparently I need to watch who signed in before me. That was me above

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