goodbyes are hard…

Aaron & Michelle are moving home for the summer, but they’ll be back in late August just in time for Aaron to subject himself to 21 units at the U of N, & for Miss Michelle to jump in for the opening of the Fall semester of Little Lites. The fact that they’re coming back in a relatively short time (as short as the summers are in Reno,) should temper the loss… but it doesn’t, really. Because I know that when Aaron graduates, they’re moving. And goodbyes are hard…

So how does one deal with goodbyes? Here’s a couple of my favorites…

  • Avoidance – Some avoid relationships all-together, & become virtual hermits… Bizarro-scoeyd could do that. Has done that. Didn’t work out either, thanks for asking.
  • Denial – pretending its not happening. Creating an artificial reality helps, where people only exist when they’re in your presence. It helps if one has lots of practice at living in their own little world, but it’s pretty tough to sustain this one. Other people keep it complicated.
  • Embracing – kinda like the moment at camp, when the Friends song gets broken out at the end. People claim to hate it, but I think it’s really their favorite part of camp – being able to get all teary & clingy – maybe it’s an artificial grieving, maybe it’s real, but I think it serves a purpose, for at least a segment of the population. Cause people are going to move away. Or die. Or get married. Or I will. (not the married part. Done that.)

    I know that there’s many other means of dealing with goodbyes, but Friends is almost over. I never intended to post this morning, but rather to just roll through my blogs & catch up with friends. So as I read back over it, I feel self-conscious, because there are many more eloquent ways to state what I’ve stated, & if I crafted for a while, I might even find one. But instead, I’m just pondering. And feeling a bit melancholy.

    And setting myself to be a person who lives well. Embraces life. And relationships. They make life so much richer & deeper, which is probably why it hurts so much when a relationship changes, even if its ‘just’ geographic. I’m thankful for you.

    I miss you Dabey… :)

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    1. I miss you, too.

      Can you imagine sitting down to write a song with the chorus, “Friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s the Lord of them.”

      Wouldn’t you just start laughing when you penned those lines? I’ll never be earnest enough to write something like that.

      Who wins in a fight to the death between Phil Collins and Michael W. Smith?

      I got Collins. He’d get his paunchy limey body all ready to go with some “In the Air Tonight.” He would be looking in the mirror all like, “Well I remember, I remember don’t worry …” and then the drums kick in with that guh-guh guh-guh guh-guh guh-guh GUH GUH.

    2. And what about this: Are friends not friends ‘forever’ if the Lord isn’t the Lord of them? Hmmm.

      How do you know if you have the same Lord?

    3. thanks for the laugh guys.
      i have listening to some old tapes lately purely for kicks and i have to say some of the degarmo and key tapes are my fav, also love carmen but mike w. he is a classic.
      okay back on topic goodbyes- i like to get really mean and piss people off right before i have to say goodbye and then it doesn’t hurt so much when i am angry with them. hows that for a goodbye statergy??

    4. We miss Miss Michelle and Uncle Aaron already… here’s a different tactic that we may employ… plot a way to keep them from leaving again. We’re still working out the details.

    5. Saying goodbye is so hard. i try to remember that new relationships are just around the corner and the current relationships are entering a different stage.

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