heading out

Woke up this morning to smell of breakfast – Johannes prepared some eggs all the accoutrements of a German breakfast for us today… very nice. We hung out, drank coffee, & enjoyed catching up on the last 6 months. We went for a drive to the Black Forest using the High Road – a special windy road that made me get all nauseous & long for fresh air :).

We arrived at the Aldes Gott Vineyard (Old God) & browsed the gift shop to pick up a memento for The Bean & Alex & Linda too – & made it back to J & A’s by the time Anja had to go to work. Johannes took me back to Frankfurt, a 2 hour drive. I have really missed my friend…

Alex, Linda, & I took Johnathan for a walk in the park (as fun as it sounds,) & then hung out at home to watch “The Counterfeiters”.

One of the highlights, if not THE highlight for me, has been the opportunity to share life with the Grieguszies family. To be involved, included, & accepted by such wonderful people goes beyond the words necessary to describe it. It’s been truly amazing.

I’ve got about 4 1/2 hours of potential sleep available, as I’m coming home tomorrow – taking the 8:25 flight to Washington – to Denver – to Reno… I’m planning on processing the week & trying to wrap my brain around what I’ve seen & heard.

Thanks for your prayers – its greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to get home.