Late nights

It’s 2:33 a.m. for me, & I’m posting on a ‘borrowed’ wifi… gracias to whoever is lending it.

Drove 2 hours to Steinbach to spend time with Johannes & Anja – we first went to visit a friend, Roland Lorenz, at the church in Ottesweier – I met Roland about 2 years ago & have corresponded with him since – we prayed through his church & he asked us to bless him & his church. I truly felt honored to be with him in the place where he’s given the last 5 years of his life…

There’s a girl in Roland’s church, Julia (think: J=Y, so its Yulia) who is finishing her last exams of ‘high school’ in July – she’s 19 & will be coming to the US of A. Based on our relationship with Roland, the Bean & I were asked if she could come to Reno.

Tonight, I met with her & her parents to answer all the questions that a mother who is sending her 19 year old daughter to the US for a year would ask. Did I mention that it is her ‘baby?’ :)

We ate pizza, drank the local vintage of red (as the Steinbach/Sasbach region is a big vineyard) & talked.

As long as her visa is approved, she’ll be coming to Reno in August to stay in the “German room” at our house.

The rest of the night was spent talking, catching up, & praying together. Tomorrow we’re eating chicken curry & then Johannes will take me back to Frankfurt to Alex & Linda’s place for my last night in Deutschland for the month of Mai.

Good night – I miss you. Esp. the Bean.

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  1. we’re so glad to hear you are coming back soon. some old man took the stage today at church… luckily he still came across as relevant.
    (sorry plucky, had to do it. happy birthdday)

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