Fisherman’s Friend…

…are my friends too! They cut right through the crud in my throat like a hot knife through butta…

Though I’m a bit froggy, there is enough voice to speak & be heard. Woo hoo. Thanks for your prayers.

WARNING: Stop reading now if you’re easily grossed out – you’ve been warned.

The coup d’grat was a Fisherman’s Friend, followed by a cup of tea (Earl Grey, hot, just like Jean Luc!) & a cough that dislodged a piece of hardened flem about the size of a quarter. I’ll leave any further descriptions to the imagination.

7 thoughts on “Fisherman’s Friend…

  1. so, basically a big booger was the culprit? nice. my voice is starting to go again… i will have to try your little friend.

  2. Dabey- yes. Dirt clod. Grimy & gooey dirt clod.
    TPT – yes. Phlegmatic.
    Erin – Mucinex, no. Crusty chex mix, yes.
    Laura – big booger. yes.
    Jeni- Fisherman’s Friend is a curiously strong throat lozenge, menthol-y to the max. Burns through anything in the nasal passage/froat… Any chain store, super store, drug store should carry it.

    And, they’re international. One can purchase them in Europe as well.

  3. I’ll keep my eyes open for that one. I actually brought back throat stuff from the states at Christmas because the stuff I’ve found here is NOT helpful. Oh well…I’ll look for Fishermans…

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