Wednesday musings…

  • I’ve got 2 classes left for my German class – & I signed up for the next class, but I don’t think it will come off, as there’s only 3 other students so far. Sigh.
  • Went to the Cellar tonight for the intro to Scotch – a little historical background on what single malt Scotch is, where it comes from, & then a short round of tasting… My “sophisticated” palate was picking up the smoky flavor of burnt wood. Hmm. This is lost on scoeyd…
  • Going to Disneyland 12/16 for a couple of days with the fam. We’re aiming to get Ice-cream on Main Street… & to go on the rides in Frontierland… And Adventureland. Hooray!
  • This is my 1st Christmas in a long while where I won’t be seeing my good friend Opito. No worries, my friend. I’ll be pouring one out for you, my homie.
  • I’m feeling the impetus to write – & to block out time to do so… Lord, help me.
  • No sports for the kiddos right now. This should last through 12/10, if I’m fortunate. I’m soaking in it.
  • Being in control is an illusion… it’s more like realizing that I’m floating in a wave pool with a strong current that is currently moving in the same direction I want to go…
  • I want to be a good husband – which means learning to shut my face & listen more often… Ask me how that is working out for me so far… Just do so from beyond my arms reach.
  • ..

  • Disappointment (hope deferred) is really, really crushing… esp. in some cases. Cryptic enough?
  • The writers strike has begun to effect me. When does Season 7 of 24 start?
  • On the TV note: what happened to Heroes? Did I miss something?
  • If I had to/have to get a real job, I wonder what I would do?
  • Good night now.

    4 thoughts on “Wednesday musings…

    1. I miss not seeing you and your family at Christmas, too. I’ll think of you when I watch “Elf,” … and maybe sometimes when I’m in the shower.

      As for “24,” just start writing your own. It would go something like this: someone gets kidnapped and then Jack Bauer tortures some people. End Scene and we’re a wrap on season 7.

      “Heroes” had a season finale of sorts, but It will be back. I don’t know when.

    2. Apparently, in Heroville, season finales are timed differently than in the rest of tv land. I say we protest. I am still waiting for Lost to start back up!

    3. writers strike people. nothing starts again until it’s settled. hence the rushed season finale. no new lost. no new 24. no new heroes. no. no. no.

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