10 thoughts on “GONE. Or, Dan Patrick is no longer En Fuego…

  1. This is a sad, yet strange ocassion. Is this a send flowers moment? A pat on the back with a down ward look, or a card of encouragment? Tricky.
    So your tv friend is no longer.

  2. yeah, patrick’s annoying habit lately of bringing olberman on the radio with him really got old. on the other hand, i will miss the big show.

    i almost blogged about this. i’m glad i didn’t at the peril of being considered a rip-off artist. so who besides david and shontell reads your blog?

  3. Speaking of Dick Clark, my oldest, most hilarious, but usually inappropriate brother had his wisdom teeth finally removed. He couldn’t speak clearly and was still a little high after the surgery. On the way home he kept leaning over to my poor sister by law saying , “take it away ryan.” He was pretending to be Dick Clark on New Years. sigh. I don’t mean to laugh at stuff like this. But how can I help myself?

  4. lol. I just re-read my first comment. I meant to end by saying SORRY your tv friend is no longer. I felt the same way when they ended Seinfeld.

  5. G- now that you mention it…

    OP- I like Olberman – reminds me of the Big Show they hosted together in the Olden Days. I don’t know Olberman from MSNBC, so I have no negatives on him. Like Craig Kilborn.

    Sh- Just give me a kleenex.

    Dig-I don’t know who else reads the blog, but really, it’s for me & my processing. Any interaction that happens on a post is gravy on the taters.

    G – you need to watch more ESPN. And tune your radio to ESPN 630 AM between 11 – 12noon M-F.

    Sh – It’s hard to imagine the Dahirs chillin.

    Sh- but Seinfeld was a show about nothing. How can you miss nothing?

  6. Scoey – I’m with Shontell on the Seinfeld thing – it’s easy to miss a show about “nothing,” because all the other crap on TV is about “something” I don’t care about . . . well, not everything, but you know what I mean . . .

    Yada yada yada . . .

  7. I haven’t watched Sports Center in about 12 years. I remember this guy though. Funny how t.v./sports personalities can become part of our family. Joe Rogan is becoming part of my family. :>)

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