Roller coaster…

I’m riding a roller coaster of emotions. Feels like I have a sunburn on my feelings – I don’t know if its because they’re regenerating after being buried for eons, or if they’ve been injured in an accident & need to call a personal injury attorney to take the 1st step.

I’ve read CS Lewis & intellectually, believe that I have a grasp of what I’m facing. And feeling. And the beauty of it is, it doesn’t help to know that.

Here’s to Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Roller coaster…

  1. If Christ is living in me, he’s the one you’ve got to feel sorry for . . .

    (totally inappropriate comment design to make you smile and to share your pain)

  2. I’m here to share your pain, too. :>)I hope that whatever the Lord is showing you– that it brings you one step closer to being more like yourself/whole/healed.

  3. ahaha I LOVE inappropriate comments!! lol. sorry pastor…little air hug. Cause I know you don’t like other hugs…they interfere with personal space. Addison gave us this example when the name tag lady got too close this morning. It was classic

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