Ready for too much information?

At the encouragement of Brintus Maximus… here’s a little pic from the downstairs TPLF WC… & a little story to go with it. I was takin’ care of business after a hard days meetings – the cardboard roll at left in the pic tells the story of the drama I faced. No mas.

No worries. There was a handy little package of baby-wipes for just such an occasion – as you can see, the package is wholly in German, but the package resembles the one we use, literally, at our house. It even had a cute little puppy dog on the package.

My first swipe w/the mystery wipes was effective, yet accompanied by a vigorous tingling, & not the good kind, in just the wrong place. My second swipe did the job, yet the tingling grew more intense… into pain.

Checked w/Johannes on the contents of the mystery package. Turns out they’re BLEACH wipes.

Duly noted.

5 thoughts on “Ready for too much information?

  1. You’re lucky it was a semi clean poopy. Lessons from this I learned: smell mystery wipes before using; sidenote, not everything with a cute picture of a puppy means it is healthy for me. Good blog.

  2. I don’t know if I could walk in a normal fashion if my dirt button was all tingly.

  3. You’re right, that was too much information, and yet somehow still hilarious! And I have to agree with Georgia that Monk would use that product for said purpose…

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