sleep deprived…

11-4. 11-5. 12-5. 10-4. My sleep schedule – isn’t working yet – a version of a cold/allergy/hay fever/sinus-y, coughing & sneezing fit is contributing. Hooray.

Pasty Gangster has his permit to drive – so we’ve been spending some time together in the car, albeit in opposite seats that we’re usually in. So far, the joy of driving has been limited to the Exp & the auto-tranny. This afternoon, we’re off to the Reed High parking lot w/the Jetta for a 5 speed lesson. Love it.

Lost In Translation Story from Deutschland – we were at TPLF for church, & a wonderful lady came up to reconnect & talk to the Bean about stuff. They talked for a while, & our friend ended the conversation, with, “I’m so glad that you’re here. Your smile is like a douche of happiness every time we see you.”

3 thoughts on “sleep deprived…

  1. ah, the old douche of happiness. it’s been awhile since i heard that one.

  2. I’m having second thoughts about Germany, I don’t know if I could hold a straight face! :) How do you keep a straight face when something like that comes unexpected? I can prepare myself for the douche of happiness, but what about something that catches me off guard?

  3. That’s awesome! I can totally picture Joni just smiling even bigger & saying “Thank you!” Classic!

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