When I was a kid, my dad would take me & my brother fishing – I wasn’t very good at it, didn’t catch much, & really struggled with the touching of the bait & the fish… seemed like it took forever to get the smell of salmon eggs off of my fingers. Something I could never understand is how my dad would know where to stop & fish – sometimes he’s even say, “There’s a few fish right over there.” I thought he was just trying to get me to wet my line…until the time that he took off his sunglasses & let me wear them.

They had this cool polarized effect, which eliminated the glare & allowed the wearer to see under the surface of the water. Now I knew why my dad said that there were fish over there – I could see them too. But I couldn’t see them until I had the glasses & was able to get past the powerful glare on the water.

Sometimes I feel like I’m still wearing the glasses, & that I can see things that are flowing under the surface of life as plainly as if they were exposed & in the open. I wonder why others don’t see it too. And when I try to describe what I’m seeing, all I get is a blank stare. Or worse, conflict. Sigh.

PS. cg- I changed the sunglasses pic because I couldn’t stand the starburst “white” outline around the glasses on the jpg.

8 thoughts on “glasses

  1. i know what you mean. often times it’s like trying to explain where the fish are to someone who’s not entirely convinced there is any such thing as fish

  2. Sounds like you need a visit from Navin R. Johnson’s (Steve Martin) adoptive Black mother.

    “Feelin’ different again, Navin?”

  3. Brintus-yes, I know you do.

    Dabey- I am still attempting to find rhythm.

    Shontell- The fog is getting thicker, & Leon is getting larger.

  4. I feel ya– hang-in. I try not to let the blank stares/weird looks cause me to feel rejected or feel badly about who I am. We’re just right.

  5. You must be psychic. I was looking at that photo thinking, “Did he change the image?”

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