Why Girls are different than Boys #1

Taking a page from Shontell’s “Why I Like Mike” blog series, I’ll be posting from time to time on the joys of having a daughter. For me, growing up as 1 of 4 boys, there was little to no experience or understanding of the world of the Girl. Being married has provided a little insight, but hey, grown up girls are different than little ones. Mostly.

I understand boys – so when we had 2, I didn’t have any issues knowing how to deal with & parent them… part of me has taken great joy in mystifying & amazing the Bean with how I can predict how the boys (esp. Joey) will act – I’m not a mind reader, its just that boys aren’t too complex, if you get my drift.

Girls are different. They look in the mirror all the time. They watch their expressions, when they cry, laugh, talk, you name it. I continually find myself amazed at the attitude, observational skills, personality, interests, & sheer emotional spectrum that my Weezer regularly functions in.

Which leads me to “Why Girls are Different than Boys #1” – the Weez is looking in the full-length mirror WHILE doing her homework. All of the sudden, she jumps off her chair & hikes her pants up. Way up. To the skies. She looked like Jimmy Cagney’s character in “Angels with Dirty Faces” when he wore his pants up to the middle of his chest. (All the cool guys did this, I’m told, even Cary Grant, which is the topic of another blog.)

I have to ask: “What are you doing?”

Her reply: “I’m trying to look like Mrs. Smith.”

(Mrs. Smith is a teacher at the Weez’s school.)

4 thoughts on “Why Girls are different than Boys #1

  1. This will be a fun one. W/o delving into societal influences and hasty generalizations on gender roles, I will say that I see distinct differences with my girls. My girls are very expressive and we talk about everything, all the time. The sheer volume of verbiage is innundating at times (I have 4 of them after all). ;>) As a boy, I was content in playing sports, riding bikes, and playing outside until it was dark.

  2. girls are louder and dirtier. screw all the pc garbage about nature vs. nurture – it’s true.

    obviously there are exceptions to this like every rule, but the quiet girl who doesn’t hide food until it molds in her room and can actually play basketball is an anomaly.

    i am amazed at how stark the difference is, also being one of only boys in the family.

  3. i smiled so big when i first read this one. you have the opposite upbringing of me and so when i had two girls i was completely in the know.it’s the boys that still confuse me because although they are not complicated they are very and i do mean very active and some of thier activities just boggle me. always fun and entertaining learning these things now being the parent of two boys.

  4. boys are not complicated. that is the best description ever. video games and pizza. destruction of anything that it is possible to destroy. how much less complicated can you get?

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