Moe, Esq.

This is my brother Moe, being sworn in by his boss, the Honorable Judge Maddox. He found out that he passed the Nevada Bar last week. Hooray for Moe.

4 thoughts on “Moe, Esq.

  1. 1st time, yes.
    Cool fact i didn’t know about law: Moe gets sworn in as a real, live lawyer by his boss & now he can handle mediation disputes, legally.

    Then, he gets sworn in for the State of NV & for the Feds.

    That’s 3 swearing in’s, 3 detailed promises to uphold the Constitution, government, & national pride of the US… maybe I added that last one, but still.

  2. congrats to moe. pretty amazing that he passed the bar 1st time out. there goes that wicked locke memory in action!!

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