It’s taken a couple of days after my tests & the subsequent anti-nausea meds to feel normal, clear headed, able to process at my usual breakneck pace. The results of the MRI confirmed what the good Dr. thought in the first place – complete tear of the left rotator cuff. Surgery is being scheduled ASAP; not an emergency per se, but the good Dr. doesn’t want me doing something foolish that would/could damage the shoulder worse. Oops. Like softball. Basketball. Working out.

Thanks for your prayers.

6 thoughts on “Friday

  1. …I’m assuming you can still play your guitar as long as you don’t get into the Pete Townsend thing…

  2. You assume I’ve been praying? Also, I fought the urge to make a Pete Townsend joke and someone should reward me.

  3. Den – for now. Post-surgery, not so good for a couple of weeks.

    G- arthroscopic – little camera, 1/2″ incision in front & back of the shoulder; camera goes in the back, surgeon cuts the torn parts of the cuff, then stitches the clean tear back together. All in all, about 1 hours worth of fun.

    OP-yes. Yes I do. Because you’re good like that. & nicely done on the restraint. Who’d a thunk it could be done?

  4. You mean like standing up to talk about something and tripping over the unseen boulder and catching yoruself with that arm? Yah, don’t do anything like that. But, hey, thanks for talking to that crazy haird little boy and for loving on Layla. Sometimes I forget to take teh extra minute because these guys get hurt every fifteen minutes between them. It is liek asecret schedule they come up with. weird. Just after we walked away from Layla crying Eli biffed it in the parking lot. NEXT.

  5. Good to hear that my gracefulness had a positive impact on Layla Grace. Just wish I could have gotten to the teeter totter before she got knocked. & that I didn’t fall down.

    It was a big rock I tripped over, too. Probably should check the ol’ contact lenses prescription…

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