Walking softly through Absolute-ville…

One of the life-issues that I wrestle with, an ever-present conundrum that I navigate regularly has popped up again. It deals with “absolutes” – you know, the situations that are accompanied by the phrases, “always” or “never,” “everyone” or “no one.”

I think that there are things that are absolutely true for every Christ-follower… we just can’t agree on what all those absolutes are.

What falls into this category? Here are a few… forgiveness, tithing, being a part of (e.g. serving & interacting) within a local church family, treating others like I’d want to be treated, & caring for others that may not be able to care for themselves. There are many more on my list, but you get the picture… Seems like any discussion about Absolute-ville that goes beyond the “love God, love people,” ilk seems like an invitation to a Sco-sized pinata-fest.

5 thoughts on “Walking softly through Absolute-ville…

  1. Absolutes? As in a rule that always applies?
    Always leave the place cleaner than you found it. You took all the good ones!
    along with your idea of participating in church life, I feel “your excuses are never adequate.” Everyone is busy, tired, or unqualified! It is like those moms that want their kids to be a part of the best Girl Scout Brownie troop ever, but never want to stay to run it. And honestly, you don’t have to have your name signed up on one of Joni’s pretty purple papers to show someone where the nursery is. We can all lend our abilities as an Ush now and then. Those Mary Kay people had a simple philosophy. If someone has a face, they can use Mary Kay. So maybe that could be our church motto…but not, because there would be a lot of explaining. Maybe, instead, people could just help out in the areas that apply to them: if you eat, help out in cafe, etc.

  2. I swear I left a comment here, but apparently not…
    Shontell- your motto can be changed to say if someone has hands they can serve God’s people.
    Scoey-Thanks for this post. I for one LIKE hearing about the absolutes because it kind of helps to focus our intentions. P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope that you have a super great one! :)

  3. Thanks for this blog. No one wants to step on toes. Everyone wants to be placid and acceptable. I love Ravi Zaccharius for his apologetics on absolutes. He keeps it real.

  4. many different religions have many different absolutes.

    Odd, that.

    I go with three touchstones:

    The Ten commandments

    “Do unto others…”

    “An it harm none, do as ye will.”

    “Harm none” would be the absolute there.

    The ten commandments gives you an outline of what things wiil absolutely cause harm, and do unto others gives you a very clear idea of why you would want to avoid harming them.

    Ethics, in other words. That which morality is supposed to be a shortcut toward, but has usually failed at.

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