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The remodeling & renovation projects we’ve been in for the last few months led to me losing my journal. I guess I didn’t lose it; I just misplaced it. More than once in the last week I’ve searched for this & come up short. Then, last night, when I least expected it, I came across it in a pile of books. Hooray!

One might wonder why someone with 3 online blogs needs to have a journal, yet another palce to record my thoughts, wonderings, prayers, & miscellaneous meanderings that eventually end up there… I enjoy the putting of pen to paper, & the feel of the leather cover. I’ve gotten very particular about what my journal is like… The only (reasonably priced) journal I’ve found that meets the standards I’ve set is made by Cavallini & Co. It’s called the Milano – there are a couple of hand-made, hand-crafted (translation: EXPENSIVE) journals that I really like, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $80+ for them…

Finding my journal means I get to return to writing – I haven’t been able to write over the last few weeks because I couldn’t start in another journal, knowing from experience that this one would show up eventually. It got me to thinking – sometimes I wonder how much specific personal revelation should go into my journal… its not like this forum, which is meant to be read, commented on, & responded to – its a collection of private thoughts, frustrations, hopes, dreams, & failures… What if it falls into someone else’s hands? Do I want that kind of personal revelation for all to see, or is writing in my own “code” something that is dictated by prudence?


8 thoughts on “Found it…

  1. I am irrationally concerned over someone reading my journal. It happened before.

    Once bitten, twice shy I guess. Am pretty sure I’m overreacting but really felt invaded or “violated”.

  2. If someone is offended by something I have to say in my journal, then I obviously haven’t been communicating with them effectively at the times when problems arise… Because if I had, they would not be surprised by what they are reading.
    Then again, I’m not a terribly secretive person, so my internal thoughts generally get publicly aired anywayl. I can see why you would be cautious about what you put in writing…

  3. Levels of sharing. I’ve had a pretty decent struggle in this area. I’ve been completely secretive/non-sharing and I’ve been “too sharing.” I am attempting to find the middle ground. I don’t think a formula can be constructed for all of us to follow, but I do believe that on an individual basis, we can decide what we’re going to allow others to know. Hence the different “levels of sharing.” A tight group of deeply trusted individuals (wife, and a couple of friends) get the wide-open/raw feelings/thoughts/insights of me. There’s accountability and wise counsel in receiving input from them. Then I have others levels of sharing as the spectrum of friends/acquantances broadens. I have recently learned an insight that sharing my “very personal” items on a public platform (blog) is not the best route for me. I’m going to lighten it up.

    Overall: What do we feel comfortable with and who do we want knowing our stuff? Some can’t handle our stuff and it pressures/solicits a response, which causes undue vulernability in the share-er and information that the share-ee doesn’t know what to do with (awkward). Just some thoughts.

  4. i always think about someday when i am gone and my kids are going through my things will they be surprised by what they find in my journals or will they want to know that i was human, that i had bad days and good days or will they want the false idea of me after i am gone. i think i would have appreciated reading my gramma’s journals now that she is gone. i have had people read my journals and it did involve a confortation but it didn’t change my writing a bit because i need a place to just get it all out on paper and not just in my head.

  5. georgia- 1 Hillside, 1 scoey-d, 1 fantasy football. Lock is a good idea. Any ideas where I could find a locking journal? (no key, maybe combo)

    2nd John- me too. Though they are my private thoughts, I worry that my journal gets taken & read w/the info inside used to exploit.

    Jeni- there are things that I would say in private writing that I wouldn’t share with anyone. :)

    JB-an anonymous blog that no one knows about (but me) would be a great place to post secret stuff. Good ideas on using prudence.

    Dos Dedos- the finest Italian leather (or Corinthian?) for my journals…bullfighters have a great source for leather, no?

    No..el- human yes. know me better yes. my kids reading them later on, yes. Unauthorized, miscellaneous person, w/o relationship at all, no.

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