Pain hurts…

Still waiting for the call on the MRI that will allow the doctor to see just exactly how much cutting needs to be done on the shoulder. At this point, I’m using my Jedi-pain management techniques, but am rapidly succumbing to the dark side. I’m finding myself looking for the advil bottle more frequently, & am having the “puppy whimpering noise” that inadvertently comes out of my mouth when I overextend the shoulder, or open the door, or turn on the gas bbq, or move.

My defense shield has failed, & the warp-drive containment shield is deteriorating. I don’t know how much more she can stand, Captain.

A side note; being in pain causes pain in other ways – I find that my interpersonal relationships are suffering from the “in pain & I’m being short & gruff w/everyone” issues, resulting from the inner-moron being released on a more regular basis. Or something like that.

Anyone else ever have a similar experience?

5 thoughts on “Pain hurts…

  1. Yes. I think I’m better nowadays at compartmentalizing it and thereby having those around me suffer less.

    And the self-delusion is coming along well, too.

    I pray for your quick relief and restoration, Sco. This sucks and I don’t like it (for all the good that does you…)

  2. I completely understand. In fact that was a small portion of my most recent blog post! :)
    I will be praying that you hear something soon and that the healing process will begin in a timely manner and finish quickly!

  3. umm yes, i have and no i will not share about it because well you are my friend.

  4. Sounds like you have a crack in your Dilithium Crystal . . .

    And yes, it happens to me all the time . . . I like to think I’m giving my family/friends opportunity to practice grace, but the truth is pain often turns me inside out with my ugliness exposed for the world to see . . . .

  5. Yes, I can relate. My recent tooth pain caused my ladies to call me Mr. Grumpy (short and irritable). I’m praying for your shoulder, Lou. :>)

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