COM 213… We’ve got speeches again!

Today starts the first day out of four of “Informative Speeches.” I forgot that these can be so entertaining, partially because I get a chance to hear what people in the class think is important to inform the rest of the class about. Some topics from today:

Angus Beef is the Best Beef
Soda is bad for you.
Influential Women of the Bible
Men & Women Communicate Differently: Dating & how Girls can tell what guys are thinking and if they’re into them or not. (Really.)

There have been a few really memorable one liners in the speeches today – here are four of my favorites:

• She had to start her life out at a really young age…
• Girl, he’s just not into you. And usually guys might mean it.
• The angus beef cattle breed is most important and improved breed of all the cows that are out there.
• Yellow #5 is a food coloring that is named for the color yellow.

12 thoughts on “COM 213… We’ve got speeches again!

  1. …and all this time I thought Yellow #5 was named that because it came after Yellow #4…

  2. So does your teacher ever let your class out on campus to see “the normal kids”?

  3. Rock! I want more quotes!!!

    The beef one and the soda one sound like they should have been (if done properly) persuasive speeches instead of informative… That may be just me, though…

  4. I get to speak 4/3 for 10 minutes -on a few of the reasons Jackie Robinson was the ideal candidate to break the color barrier in professional baseball.

  5. TPluck- Me too! Not only that, it so happens it was on the same day as my birthday. And you’ll never guess what else. My parents named me John and I am SO glad — cuz that’s what everybody calls me.

  6. baseball? how much mileage can you get from jackie robinson? come on, scoey. how about that black nhl player? or nascar driver? um, nevermind. carry on.

  7. I do agree with David. I think a good field trip is in order. Thanks Louie for sharing a great example of what is probrably be some of the most memorable type moments that one gets to experience in college.

  8. and i dropped out to make babies. DAMMIT

    *i am not a swearer. but sometimes i like it so i dont i dont really have it. like the chardiac arrest.OH AARGH AAHHH..clutching my heart.

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