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  1. maybe Ill bust out my thong during worship this week. Hey, if I advertise it, maybe Opie will come down.

  2. i like theology on tap. small group, denden? the lingerie thing is pretty ludicrous, though. i think there is a difference between outreach and just being worldly so people don’t feel uncomfortable. that same church probably has a swingers meeting once a week, too. small group, denden?

  3. It is definitely the attitude of the small group stuff…I love it! The lingerie party thing is pretty big in England (its not what it sounds like–its a direct sales thing). I completely understand what they’re trying to do, reach out to people in “real” life activities. Of course…some mature balancing needs to be applied, or else you end up at Hooters singing hymns.

  4. There’s a fine line between reaching out to someone and reaching down someone’s pants, or so I’d like to think. With small groups, it’s the thought that counts, No?.

    We should be able to relate to people, in and out of the church, but it needs to be in a positive context. Define postive, you say? An environment where I’m not overly aware of my pants, I say.

  5. I agree that it is a lot like the small group principle, and I think some of the things are great ideas as long as the people invited are aware that it is associated with a church and therefore will involve things like prayer, scripture reading etc. What I don’t like is when churches/groups get people to events under false pretenses (come to our giant fashion show/night out at the bar/etc.) and the church name is printed in tiny print at the bottom if at all. I really think that deceiving people to come to events and leaving out the church part is entirely the wrong approach, but as long as we’re open up front that these activities are associated with a church, then I’m all for it…

    Yeah, and sorry for the long-winded answer…

  6. I think it’s healthy to assess how different churches are approaching evangelism, as God can use that assessment to provide inspiration. But ultimately the question is how has God called us to approach it. In other words, each part of the body has a different function, so what’s right for them could be considered wrong by us. “Right” or “wrong” can be determined with three questions.

    1. Is Christ the head of that particular body?
    2. Are basic moral codes being violated?
    3. What is “right” for us?

    An example would be the early Corinthian church. They would answer yes to #1, but also yes to #2, therefore their approach needed some “tweaking” by Paul. “No more orgies, you naughty Corinthians!”

  7. i know it’s late notice, but i’m having a lingerie party at hooters. please notice the small print that david needs to check his pants.

    if the events don’t ever lead people towards Jesus or towards the thought of actually showing up to an actual church service, then it’s definitely the wrong thing. and there’s rules (like ten of them) to always look out for . . .

  8. a light in the world, but not of the world. relating to the world, but not compromising the Word/our convictions. quite a fine line here.

    “hey, pass me another beer. oh, wait, i’m startin’ to feel a little buzz, we better pray before i fall off my chair”. do younger/weaker Christians have the strength to call it quits or follow our examples? do we risk condonement while we’re attempting to be relevant?

  9. You could always ask Jesus to build His church. Just a thought. You could also become a resource church.

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