13 thoughts on “Tale of Two Churches

  1. i would like to quote a song now,”It’s all about you, Jesus and all this is for you,for your glory and your fame .” umm, i think that’s what the first church is singing but the other “it’s all about me and all this is for me.”

  2. the difference? church on saturday, just not natural i tell you. sure there’s the whole vision of caring for lost people in that first church and the idea that church is about reaching the lost to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. the idea of melding your vision with the great commision of our Savior probably doesn’t hurt.

  3. it’s VISION- that’s the difference. vision from God to the lead pastors, then cast to the congregation. georga barna stuff- in my opinion.

  4. Two possibilities;

    1.They were both following the golden rule, but the second church is comprised of masochists.


    2. The pastor of the first church got his building repairs completed on time.

  5. I agree with Dennis; you can’t blame the 2nd pastor. He kept his head on a swivel and did what he had to do with a chruch full of Jean-Luc’s.

  6. Church 1-what we should all strive for! :)
    Church 2-The sad thing is, I know that there are churches in our area that are VERY similar to this in their leadership.

  7. One is compared to a supermarket, and the other is compared to an impoverished country at war with itself?

  8. What’s wrong with church on saturday? Church on saturday…what an idea. I may have to do something about that.

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