7 thoughts on “For when it feels like things just aren’t coming together…

  1. One of my favorite websites.

    Sue’s brother, Preston, is a retired Army CID agent now teaching computer forensics at FLETC in Brunswick, GA. He contacted despair.com last year and requested the use of their material in some of his training modules. They graciously consented at no charge.

  2. Nothing quite like this to inspire excellence. Is that a picture of John P.? He says he is a skier. Actually I havent skied since my stupid relative ran my skis over & said, I ran your skis over…See ya later. That is why oxycontin does so well.

  3. Not John P. Some other fool that can’t help themself. So they’re falling. With style.

  4. who’s the stupid relative?

    re: ineptitude- can one enjoy being patient? seems like more of a struggle than an enjoyment- unless “enjoyment” is used in a sarcastic sense.

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