back in the bloggin saddle again

guess what i missed while in frankfurt for the last 2 weeks?

still, it’s nice to return from a long trip to find out that the majority of things that could have gone wrong, didn’t. God is good, & continues to show that He is able to handle my life much better than i can do it on my own.

cool thing, though, is that i now have not one, but TWO hornets nests in my backyard. can’t wait to hit them with the special spray i just bought – it is guaranteed to tick them off to no end. hopefully, there will be pictures of the encounter.

11 thoughts on “back in the bloggin saddle again

  1. After you spray the hornets nest, try to pee on them too. It makes you feel powerful. But bee careful of any survivors…They don’t like being urinated on.

  2. it sucks that while i was at work you stole the title of my next post. now what aerosmith song should i use?

  3. I love spraying hornets nests! I never thought of the pee thing, though. I’ll have to give it a whirl.

  4. is the tree short enough to pee on? i’m thinking this would be pretty hard for a girl to do. silly boys.

  5. murdoc–I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but that was a really bad pun… “bee careful” Ha ha ha ha!

  6. Hopefully they will be pictures of the hornets running from you and not the opposite.

  7. I think Butterfly is actually a boy who’s lost his way. The first step is to pee standing up. That should lessen the confusion.

  8. i think murboy mullets is a young boy that feels tough when he picks on helpless girls/people. we’re not afraid of you!

  9. welcome home glad to hear you didnt think anything went wrong while you were away.
    let me know if you need help with those hornets, i have a firefighter brother who loves that kinda stuff.

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