Thinking is hard work. There’s actually a dearth of good thought, but that’s a topic for another day’s blog… The crush & rush of the urgent, with too much to do w/too little time battles against clear processing… Still, battle I will, for thinking through details is a requirement for the day.

In times where I’ve got to think, I have found that it helps for me to get involved in doing something that occupies my attention like reading, (bout time to go through LOTR again) watching a favorite DVD (Stargate SG-1, MacGyver, or Monk)… Brain clutter begins to fall away like dust mice…

10 thoughts on “contemplating…

  1. I agree, thinking is hard work. Sometimes too hard that’s why humans spend much of thier time by not thinking. Most people don’t think when watching tv, movies,or playin video games. All good distractions for when we don’t want to think. My favorite distraction listening to jazz music into the wee hours of the night.

  2. I like to go to the park on Wednesday nights, when all the weight of the world is crushing me. It’s nice to take a leisurely stroll whilst letting my mind just relax . . . maybe throw a few bums in the river. I find that I wake up fresh as a daisy on Thursday morning.

  3. Yeah, thinking is hard work, that is why I have only one post on my blog. I guess I do think of things more often than I give myself credit for, but how to tranfer it from my brain to blog is the problem.

  4. david your funny. throw a few more bums in for me next wednesday night.

  5. Be careful mousey pants or you might find yourself in the river with some buddies.

  6. i think too much. much of my thinking is extremely unproductive as you are all aware now that i publish many of my thoughts for your consumption.

    can i borrow season 1 of monk?

  7. being able to recognize that you think too much, is an indication that you think too much. lighten up & just live. life’s too short to be stuck in thinking/worrying, so let go!

  8. lighten up & just live? wow. just live based upon what? my feelings?

    i’ve also heard that thinking too much leads to great analysis, keen problem solving skills, a developed sense of responsibility, thoughtfulness, & other terribly weighty things like that.

  9. i didn’t mean to offend you. weighty thought at this point will just cause worry. i’m sure you’ve done all the germany planning you could possibly do. i imagine that the only thing you could do now without worrying is to remember or make a check list of things you’ll need to travel to germany. all the weighty stuff is in Jesus’ hands. have a great trip & be sure to smell the flowers.

  10. no offense taken – i was aiming for clarification; also, it’s a good illustration that this forum can be a spot where misunderstandings happen, as you can’t see the person you’re interacting with, you can’t ‘hear’ their tone, see facial expression, etc.
    anyhow, thanks for the kind words –

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