Bannerman lives…

Bannerman lives.

It’s the ‘fictional’ name given in a song tribute by a hero of mine to the anonymous guy that held up the sign that says “John 3:16” at sporting events… mostly football games. He always seemed to be positioned so that when a team scored & had to kick an extra point & the TV camera would show the goal posts, he’d stand up & hold a huge sign or banner proclaiming his message. The picture at left shows one of the more famous individuals in his um… “unique” get-up.

It almost didn’t feel like Monday Night Football if he didn’t show up in his rainbow wig, creative facial hair, & ever-present sign. I haven’t seen him around in years.  I’ve got news: he’s back, albeit in a different form.

I was reading a Rick Reilly column on ESPN & came across this bit of information. (Note: if you read the column, you’ll see that Reilly was not saying this was a good thing at all – but all the same, I was amazed at the response.)

During last year’s BCS championship game at Land Shark Stadium, he (Tim Tebow) wore John 3:16 under his eyes. According to the Miami Herald, 90 million people Googled the verse that night.

90 million.

He ain’t gonna change the world, but he knows who can…. Bannerman!

2 thoughts on “Bannerman lives…

  1. oh, man….you just made me run to my itunes and start playing Steve! Now I’m going to be distracted in my memories all day long….Curse you Louie Locke!!!!! :-)

  2. Have you read the life story of the original Bannerman? His name was “Rockin'” Rollen Stewart and he was kind of insane, setting off stink bombs in churches and bookstores and writing apocalyptic letters in a mission to make people get right with God. He is now serving a life sentence for kidnapping – all because he thought the Rapture was going to happen in 1992.

    Check him out on Wikipedia here:

    No that he was all bad – stink bombing the Trinity Broadcasting Network is pretty much awesome!

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