This afternoon offers the opportunity of doing laundry in preparation for “the packing” in preparation for my upcoming trip to Deutschland on Tuesday.

As usual, I’m conflicted – don’t want to take the big suitcase, & also don’t want to end up wishing that I’d brought more stuff with me. But, I usually end up taking about 2-3x as many shirts, pants, & warm stuff than I need. And every time I get back, I promise myself that I won’t make the same mistake again. Which, of course, I inevitably do.

But this time will be different. Really. It could happen.

The 1st 4 days of my trip I will be in a place called “Gau Algesheim” – about a 2 hour train trip from Frankfurt. I’m headed there right after my arrival (early Wednesday a.m.) to spend some time with my friends Alex & Linda – something that I’m greatly looking forward to, as they are always ‘highlights’ for me to spend time with – for their wonderful personalities, great senses of humor, & determination to follow Christ, all of which are an inspiration to me.

After that, I’m off to Oberwesel – don’t know anything about that, other than its by the Rhein River, which makes theBean more than a little jealous, as seeing lights on water, at night, is her favorite thing. I’ll be there through the following Wednesday, 12 November, at which time its back to Frankfurt for meetings with friends at TPLF. Our sister church has a new pastor, Eddy Dueck, & I’ll hopefully be able to spend some time with him during the last days.

I don’t QUITE have my accommodations when I’m back in Frankfurt arranged. Which means that after 12 November, I don’t know where I’ll be staying, or with whom. And its not that I’m worried about not knowing, but I think I’d probably sleep better tonight, where I’ll be sleeping then.

Ok. Time to load the washer.

7 thoughts on “packing

  1. Always better to pack more because chances are if you pack less you will need it. Like spill something on clothing or encounter wet weather or something. You know there is truth to Murphy’s law.

  2. No..el

    The train trips & having to care for all my stuff on the them has me thinking that less will have to be more. And I'm going to probably do with about 1/2 of what I normally would take.

    And pray for no spills or other accidents…

  3. Hope you are able to rest some on the flight and that the rest of the trip is smooth

  4. All: thanks for the prayers

    Murdoc: maybe baby Todd will not only be wiser, but she will be staying up past 6:30, when all the real fun starts…

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