My friend Chumley use to tell me that after spending a few days at Youth camp together, people would come up to him & because he’s my buddy, would ask him about me:
“Dude, what wrong with that guy? He looks so…………….” (Fill in the blank with your favorite ‘negative word-association’ – some that came up a lot were:

  • angry.
  • shut down.
  • frustrated.
  • anti-social.
  • scary.
  • cold.
  • intimidating.

    Chum would inevitably laugh, his big, infectious laugh, the one that makes everyone around him feel like a million bucks, & puts them immediately at ease, & he’d say something like, “He’s not ……………………, he’s just tired.”

    Thanks for that, David. Wish I had you around to give a primer on what the look (or absence thereof) means…


  • 4 thoughts on “faces…

    1. Your ability to “look” unflustered and resolute in the face of adversity consistently inspires and upholds those around you . . .

      Jesus made you a leader and I think he likes you . . . A lot . . .

    2. Well, gotta say that I had those same thoughts before I knew you. I didn’t even decide that I liked you until well after we decided to go to that church, but I liked most of what you said, and Joni, and here I am 2 and a half years later. It’s ok, you can’t please everyone, much of what some people look for is personality over substance which is unfortunate, there is a lot to miss that way.

    3. tpt- thank

      t$ – are you a judger? :) So, have you decided if you like me yet? If so, what pushed you over the edge to the dark side? Was it the fact that my wife is incredible & more than compensates for my personality shortcomings?

    4. Well, I do love Joni, but… although you come off as less than personable at times, I did find that you were well read, could answer questions when asked, did not get defensive when someone disagreed with you (or at least when I could see), had new material all of the time, didn’t always do what other people did or what was trendy, and easy, did stuff that was hard because you thought it was right. Don’t get the wrong idea, can’t say that many nice things all at one time, it gives me the twitches, I don’t always agree, but overall I think you are alright. I really like that you wear shorts and sandals in the summer time too.

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