It’s a girl…!

Before you start offering congratulations on a little 9-month surprise, (no, we’re not having a baby,) I need to ‘splain. Or if there is no time, at least to sum up. Our family is growing.

Coming up on 8 September, Julia Kern, a 19-year old from a town in the SW of Germany, near “Ottesweier”, is coming to live with us for between 6-9 months… depending on her VISA (not the credit card, the application to stay in the US.)

The picture above was taken in May of this year – Julia is wearing the black shirt, & is standing in the front (middle), right next to her big little sister Linda, & her parents (on the left). On the right are two of my favorite people – Johannes & Anja Livelli – & we had just spent the evening eating pizza & drinking the local red .

When we’ve talked to people about Julia’s impending arrival, they inevitably ask:

  • How did you find her?
    TheBean & I know her pastor, Roland Lorenz. We’ve been getting together each November at the Foursquare Germany Pastors Conference. Julia has wanted to visit (& live) in the States, & Roland helped us to connect with Julia & her family in August 2007… & we’ve been in touch for the last year planning this… (Roland is in the picture below…)
  • Where is she going to stay?
    In our house. In one of the rooms. Not with Pasty or Joey…
  • Why would you have someone stay with you for so long?
    We like having people live with us – there are qualifiers for that… :) Part of it is that we love Germany, college students, & relationship-based Christ-following. This is the perfect situation where they all come together.
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
    Then I will have a series of cool blogs to write. :) I think we’ll grow through this, & we’ll make it. She’s low-maintenance, great with kids, & it’s not something we’re freaking out about.
  • What do your kids think?
    Depends on when you ask them… We talked about this A LOT & made the decision about it as a family.

    Just about every time. Just about every question.

    So, it’s on – insta-family addition, w/o the pain of diapers. We’ll never be the same. Can’t wait.

    No, yes I can. But we are looking forward to it.

  • 2 thoughts on “It’s a girl…!

    1. It will be good for you to share that big house of yours. I was gonna move in myself cause that guest bedroom is just so cozy, and the tub, but ya know, I would have to bring 5 others with me.
      Look forward to meeting her.

    2. Hey Louie D – It was really cool to read this today. I’m already feeling attached to Julia and find myself not wanting to think about her leaving.

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