Day 1 in Christiansburg…

We’re here, in Christiansburg. I’d get into the gory details of our travels, but hey, we made it, none the worse for wear, & without too much confusion, though I-77N & I-77S look really, really similar, especially when its dark…)

After sleeping in (woke up about 11 local time,) I just spent a few minutes doing some virtual searches on the net for important stuff, like Starbucks & local coffee houses. We’ll be going to the store for some staples, & probably trying to find a place to eat before too long as well.

The place we’re staying is nice – Bean is taking pictures, but it really is great – much better than our 1st apartment; decorated very nicely (or so I’ve been told,) & with comfy couches, a TV (w/DVD player) full kitchen, dining room, & my own closet to put my stuff in. (This is important.) Also, figured out the wireless internet connection for the building we’re in. Also important.

We’ll be taking a tour of the grounds at some point today with the Coleman’s (who oversee & care for the campus) & then the rest of the day should be up to us – exploring the town maybe. Or sitting in the inside of buildings with A/C.


2 thoughts on “Day 1 in Christiansburg…

  1. Thank you Internet Jesus and Al Gore that you have wireless and we’ll get updates . . .

    Ben did “simply fabulous dahling” in today’s speech . . . very real, very relevant, and impacting to my life personally . . .

    I miss you and Joni already, but seeing you in a couple of weeks gives me something fun to look forward to (other than going to see A Midsummer’s Night Dream at the Tahoe Shakespeare festival next Sunday, tee hee).

    Tell Joni I said “hi” and that her kids looked great today.

    And I’m out . . .

  2. Teeemmm!
    Thanks for the heads up – glad to hear bout the Brother’s speech. Had not a doubt bout that.

    Talk to you soon-

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