What goes around…

Mr H’s post sums up my last 24 hours as well. It seems that there is a bug on the loose, & it stopped to chill with me for a bit. In retrospect, I look back to a rough Friday & Saturday night as well, & see that they were just a hint of what was to come. (I’ll leave the gory details to Dave to tell. But I will say that I feel his pain.)

I know that Brother was battling on Sunday. Heard about Mr H. Matty. Now Aric. You get the theme… Makes me wonder… were there any adult women that got this bug? So far, all I’ve seen, heard, & experienced has been the men suffering, with the weemuns bravely soldiering on, caring for self, spouse, & family, with the wind blowing in their angelic, nay, saintly hair. Or something like that.

I’m sure that woman aren’t immune to this bug, but my completely unscientific splanation is that I should wash me hands more. With soap even. 30 seconds. Maybe more.

5 thoughts on “What goes around…

  1. i too was thinking the same thing. maybe this bug is sexist?! hmm..

  2. For the sucks. I’d rather be sick than see my wife sick though. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe we should all stop greeting each other with a holy kiss.

  3. Shall I dare say, Andy hasn’t gotten the bug yet. Working in the nursery that particular Sunday payed off ;). Scoey, go for the hand-washing

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