It’s raining. And cold. And windy. When I went out today, I wore my jacket.

On Monday, it was 98, & I wore shorts, flip-flops, & a t-shirt & I stillroasted.

Who’d a thunk it?

Reno is a funny place for weather… I never cease to be amazed. Maybe by the 4th of July things will even out.

Or not.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy the lake. Your BBQ’s. Fun in the (invisible) sun. I know I will.

2 thoughts on “weather…

  1. You’ve lived in Reno how long? And you can still suggest that things will even out? Good thing you added the “or not” or I would wonder about you… :) Hope you enjoy the weekend despite the weather!

  2. you all know that the weather is my nemesis. we have prepared a shelter for the huddled masses.

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