And a note about ‘community…’

It’s a common & current topic at our staff table…

Next to Jesus, God and relevant, “community” is the most popular Christian word. The challenge though is it’s a lot easier to say than it is to build. If creating one was as easy as renting a blow up jumping toy for kids and offering a financial planning class for parents, then 50 churches wouldn’t close permanently every week. But it’s a challenge and here’s why:

People can tell when you’re trying to force a community to develop. Our radar to marketing is so sharp these days…

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I love the “holding sand” analogy…


6 thoughts on “And a note about ‘community…’

  1. This reminds me of a vision Jami had one time in Germany. About a brick building without windows. Jami and I have discussed this many times, I’d love to share thoughts with you on that because I have thoughts that it may be more figurative than literal…dealing with this subject.

  2. The thing is, if you’re one of those pieces of sand and you keep yourself in the middle, at least you know you won’t fall off…

  3. Community is the new church word. It’s weird how it happens. A word is used, like community for instance, & a month later it seems like it’s on everybody’s church website. Another one of those word’s is “connect.” On one hand it pisses me off because I don’t believe that “community & connection” is really the desired result from those who use the words. What’s desired is ugly. “How can we get these people to stick around?” Most people don’t want community or connected relationships. It costs too much. It’s too painful. They might say they want/need/desire, but everything they do & screams otherwise.

  4. a forced “community” and “connection” is why we left our last church. there were lots of requirements and steps to becoming part of the “community” but there were absolutely no relationships. interesting.

  5. The thing about “community” (or connecting or whatever you’d like to call it)is that to be IN community you must contribute. You cannot expect to be a “part of” without doing YOUR part. Doing your part takes effort, energy & giving of yourself. There are just a lot of people out there who aren’t willing to do their part. I believe it’s either because they are lazy OR they can’t handle the truth. So they blame. It’s the pastor, the music,the programs, the “community”…whatever. When they’re looking for an excuse any excuse will do! What is cool though is those who really want to be a “part of” sooner or later will begin to contribute, and those who don’t will leave…eventually.

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