It’s here…

Baseball season – the first full weekend of games. I played the sport for years, & love the familiarity of baseball. This year, we get to suffer through a pitiably bad San Francisco Giants team.

Hooray. Just like the old days.

Go Giants!

9 thoughts on “It’s here…

  1. I love the beginning of “favorite sport season.” I used to snuggle up to basketball. I would write out my watching schedule so I wouldn’t miss anything. Sports are great. I used to think whomever my husband turned out to be would think I was the greatest wife EVER because I love so many sports-not just playing but watching and tracking stats. I thought- as long as he doesn’t like racing, boxing, or something lame like gold, we can have a lot in common. So far, my husband only watches boxing, racing (sigh), and what my mother would call Wrastling but I refer to as homos in shorts.

  2. Shontell: See!. Just your luck. you prepare for real sports & you get the ‘other’ middle America sports.

    Laura- you have a real team to cheer for. No fair. Where you from, New Hampshire?

  3. I usually only do this on Noel’s blog, but GO WHITE SOX!

    I have sympathy for you over suffering through the team’s bad years. My football team of choice was CRAPTASTIC this last season…

  4. yep, NH, about 1hr from Boston. Its been 8yrs, but once a red sox fan, always a red sox fan:)

  5. hee hee hee, i love that i don’t even have to comment on this blog. laura has taken care of that for me.
    i do however have a bit of a conundrum myself though now that solomon is playing for the angels. what to do, what to do? my dad has very kindly told me that he will give me some hats for his games but i fear my team allegiance here is being comprimised.

  6. No..el – not to worry – your allegiance is to Sol – he’ll be on 6 or 7 different teams over the years – its a little slice of heaven to know that your affinity for your kid & his team has nothing to do with any other team, professional or not, that goes by that name.

    And, I don’t have to be conflicted because Pasty is a Reed Raider. Its Reed. Not Oakland.

    You’ll thank me later.

  7. The Giants are fine not matter how bad they may be as long as that over-inflated, egotistical ball of skin and muscle isn’t there (You know who I speak of).

  8. man. i had a fantastic comment that got erased somehow. crap. here’s to 0-7

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