peace to you

had a friend in town for the last few days, Morris Chapman; his visit had been on the books for a while. I invited him to come & spend time with our church family in extended worship. God knew what would be happening the week prior to his visit – I was physically, emotionally, & every other -ally you can think of – spent. Done. Finito. You get the idea.

When Morris started playing, “I Will Restore” (it’s on his mySpace page at the link aboveI felt my insides melting – not a pleasant feeling – I knew that I had to lay down on the floor. The weight of my soul felt like it was pulling me to the ground. I told the Bean that I was going to lay down – don’t know if she understood what I meant,… or where I meant. I just remember hitting the floor & weeping from the bottom of my soles. I thought I had cried my tears already this week; I’d run out a couple of times & had the “dry cry” not to be confused with the “dry heave.” Hurts about the same though.

I sobbed.

After an indefinite period of time, I felt peace. And the raw, exposed nerve of my soul was no longer raw, exposed, & angry to the touch. I was still tired. Bone-weary. But the soul despair, the pain faded & I had peace. The circumstances of the week hadn’t changed, but I had peace. We are still grieving, but I have peace. I could sleep the clock, but I have peace.

Thank you Jesus – to any/all that may be reading this: Peace to you. The peace of Christ to you.

6 thoughts on “peace to you

  1. The peace of Christ to you also, my friend . . . It really was an amazing service and a true Godsend . . .

  2. Peace received. Thanks for the blessings. I think I only sad sighed ten times today. Mostly because I got to chat with my friend for about half an hour today.

  3. I was so disappointed to miss Sunday. Maybe if my family would stop getting every illness that comes our way, we will be able to continue with normal life. Peace (continued) to you too my friend.

  4. This weekend was definitely a reminder that God is with us, crying with us, hugging us, and loving on us…and His timing is impeccable.

  5. yes, Louie. there’s something about having that bond of peace upon the soul and the unity that comes through God’s spirit when walking in that peace. The waves may crash upon the boat and all hell may be breaking loose around us, but God is in the boat and God is good. He calms the seas.

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