spring break musings: swimming & sunning…

Spring Break for Washoe County is officially “on” this week – in retrospect, it’s kinda nice that it falls right at the same time that we Spring Forward, so that somehow, the blow of losing an hour of sleep & having the schedule torqued has a week to be processed before the childrens have to return to the daily grind.

I also think on the subtle shift that has occurred, with Spring Break moving away from being tied to Easter (& it’s former name, Easter Break.) Not ready to comment on that, but I’m just sayin…

In former times, a week off from school was a joyous occasion, a time for swimming. And sunning. Even if (when) it was cold, we’d find a pool to spend our days in. And if we were lucky, we wouldn’t even need towels, because we could just dry off outside using solar power.

I miss the simplicity of the swimming & sunning days. And I wonder how that kid that I was is doing with the life I live now…

7 thoughts on “spring break musings: swimming & sunning…

  1. That kid I was is crawling around in the bushes with a plastic BB gun every 3rd Saturday. =P

  2. great question to ponder/ask one’s self. i believe the answer leads to simplicity and increase joy.

  3. I remember one time when that kid took me mini-golfing for his brother’s 11th birthday.

    I also remember the song “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart playing on the car radio at the end of the day … seriously.

    I told the kid I liked that song and he turned it up.

    Frickin’ blast that gay Rod Stewart crap.

  4. Destro – very nice. I admire you –

    J- thanks for the input

    Dabey- yes.

    Though, if it had been Alphaville instead, I would totally be weeping right now. (Totally spoken like a sorority sister…)

  5. Hey, I like the new look and the Dilbert widget is killer . . .

    I have no comment to make on school vacations because I commonly spent them being farmed out by Mom as free slave labor to every shiftless church member too cheap to pay . . . Mom’s way of teaching me how to be a good servant.

    But I’m not bitter or anything . . . Can you tell I’m processing?

  6. that kid needs to get back in a pool and swim some more. or whatever it is that the kid wants to do now. we have to keep those childlike things alive to some extent i believe it is what makes our hearts sing.
    oh yes, and spring break this early is lame. we are waaaayyy of schedule over here in these parts and i fear mo is going to have a heck of a time next week with all that.

  7. I’m getting hooked on the Daily Dilbert . . . and it feels good . . .

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