• After further contemplating the contemplation post, Ben has decided to grace theMoses & I with his presence at the Abbey in April. Good times. Thanks for playing along Ben… we’ll be growing. Even the Bean is looking forward to me going. (Is there a theme here that I should be paying attention to?)

  • When it rains, it pours – the last 10 days have been gnarly in the news they’ve brought – & not Gnarly like the snowboarders throw it around, but gnarly like when I was a kid waaaaayyy back in the 80s… a recurring theme: friends & the burning out & falling apart, brought about by the Machine’s chewing up & spitting out…

  • Dancing? True – the Pasty Gangster went to the JA Dance last Saturday. With a real girl. And danced. We had to go to the place they ate dinner because ALL the parents were going to be overbearing micromanagers of their offspring’s attempts to hang with friends & real dates, (did I just say that out loud?) Errrr… What I meant is that all the parents went so that they could commemorate the stellar event through pictures. Very nice. Pasty cleans up well. The girl he took has a dad that snapped all the ‘formal’ pictures. He took 250 pictures in 20 minutes. That is truly awe-inspiring.

  • I wrote an article that ended up in our denominations quarterly publication… HERE. After seeing the finished (& edited) product for the first time since I sent it off to the editor, I initially had a difficult time determining if I’d really written it, as the word-processor of the editor seems to have been very active, sharp as a two-edged sword, dividing between… you get the idea. I’m not complaining – just really surprised at how different it looks :0

  • NEWSFLASH: Jesus was Jewish. And in the 1st century, lived in a Jewish culture, among Jewish people. And Jesus’ ministry, outlook, & actions are full of Jewish history, references, & information that can’t be separated from that Jewish context. (It’s true.)

  • Youtube means that anyone can be a Live Action Preacher Hero on the Internet TeeVee. Like this guy.
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    1. I am most jeleous about the winery.

      Burnt out for a while now. Thus, a lot of time spent on blogs.

      Job searching not fun.

    2. I just watched the YouTube video. When I was in Germany they had a whole room, specifically made for pissing on the wall. Have you ever seen the signs he is talking about?

    3. I like the words in the article ‘home address’ and the context in how they were used. That seemed to come from a familiar line of thought.

    4. the article didn’t work for some reason this evening, but i do pee standing up so i feel pretty good about myself.

      wy wife has taken pictures for the last two ja dances. i stayed home and played playstation.

    5. I hope you have a good time at the Abbey.

      Sorry to hear that things have been gnarly.

      I will keep my thoughts about the JA Dance to myself because I have a lot of bitterness about their practices/requirements to attend.

      The article was also not working for me, I’ll try again later.

      Wait, so you mean Jesus was actually Jewish? I thought that it was just a figure of speech. (I probably shouldn’t be sarcastic when I’m home alone because there won’t be anyone to perform CPR when a bolt of lightning comes to strike me down.)

    6. Mr. H. – No worries – sorry about the job hunt.

      Erica, TPT, & Laura, Brint & Jeni- thanks. About the article I mean. I don’t know what the stink is happening with the link for it now, as I had no issue with it 20 seconds ago. Is it discrimination? Or blessing that you don’t have to read it?

      re: JA dance – I have no knowledge of any exclusions, practices, or requirements. All I know is that a) JA stands for Junior Achievement (quaint, I know.) & b) I went to the dance in 1986 with a real girl. And danced. & I was clueless then about their secret-ness. & c) Pasty was invited to the dance, & danced with a real girl. That is all.

      Jeni – re: Jewishness of Jesus. You never could have told that by the portraits, could you? :)

    7. P. Louie – i love the part about making God your home address. good stuff. You tube guy is funny. Reminds me of my dad when he discovered the word skevalon (I’m sure I’m not spelling it right) in the Bible and that it means #2. He was pretty excited that Paul said it and it was in the Bible.

    8. You know your Preacher is the man when he says “I was reading the bible this week.”

    9. Unless they’ve changed things since I was in high school (which is entirely possible since it’s been 10 years)… They invited the top 25 males and females in the class at each school to the dance. But you were not allowed to attend the dance without a date, so if every boy in the school thought of you as one of the guys, then they would not consider you a date… Jerks…

    10. we did not have “JA” dances where i come from… just your regular homecoming, winter formal and prom.
      the name sounds a bit pretentious.

    11. ja is stupid. they don’t have any standards that i can decipher to pick the kids, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to get removed. i would say the name is misleading until they change the j.a. in j.a. formal to “just another”

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