is it a social disorder? or am I just anti-social?

Tonight is the Big Dinner – its a low-key event at our church building where people get together to eat dinner. Not a pot-luck – it’s BYOF – everyone brings their own food – what they’d be eating for dinner. We’re sitting “hof-brau” style at long tables, & just interacting with our family & with the others that are around us. My wife has been excited about this for, oh, a jillion years. The opportunity to eat, drink, & be merry with friends is exactly the sort of thing that floats her proverbial boat.

But me, well, that’s a different story. The idea of sitting down & eating together scares me. Why? you might ask… I’m not quite sure.

I’m not much for crowds – standing in line – getting stuck anywhere; I’ve been known to get a bit claustrophobic. I like to sit at the end of the table, because then I have at least one right/90degree angle in front of me. Somehow, that is comforting. I was trying to explain what my emotions & thoughts are on this topic to the Bean, theMoses, & Brother. I really like the idea of the Big Dinner & eating my own food. Of seeing friends. Making new ones… but the practical working out of it makes me feel a bit reclusive.

However, in spite of the fear, I will be there. At the Big Dinner. Hopefully sitting on an end.

8 thoughts on “is it a social disorder? or am I just anti-social?

  1. i am proud of you louie- and i am glad that you are going despite your anxieties. IT WILL BE FUN, IT WILL BE FUN, IT WILL BE FUN!!! Just keep that chant going!

  2. You totally took the words out of my mouth, or in this case my next blog post. I was going to write about how I am not a big crowd person, claustrophobic feelings, etc.

    Perhaps I will still write about it anyway…

  3. As you know, my husband mimics this blog here. I appreciate whenever he tries though no matter how long the attempting lasts. Hope the dinner went well and an end seat was available

  4. Laura- in some ways, I know what you mean.:) But I also truly have a love for people. I want them to enjoy life. To know they’re loved & accepted by God. To connect with others. And there’s no sarcasm in that last sentence…

    No..el – thanks for the encouragement – were you ever a cheerleader?

    jeni- big crowds are tough for me, but I find that I really enjoyed sitting & parking in one spot for the night, with my back to the chaos behind me… And spending time with people just because. Without an agenda…

    Erica – The Bean & I were hoping that if you came, we could eat with Jones’ – truly :). I connect with Destro on so many levels…

  5. Scoey- I just wanted you to know that I was just trying to make light of your scary situation… I don’t know how I would feel about you being my pastor if you didn’t have a real love for people… I know that you wouldn’t do what you do so well if you didn’t truly love it!

  6. Laura- I really enjoy your sense of humor. And Jay’s. You hit the nail on the head of ‘scoey’s conundrum’…

  7. nope, never a cheerleader. couldn’t get past the very mini, mini skirts! brrh just thinking about em makes my legs cold.

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