4 thoughts on “Roundabout…

  1. That looks pretty gay. Big circle of people writing stuff on multi-colored paper at the same time. Gay. It looks like the beginnings of a big gay Swastika. I’m watching you.

    Buy you say it was good, so who am I to blow against the wind … “I know what I know.”

  2. Actually, not writing – holding onto a cross. The only way to get everyone together, touching it at the same time was to all lay prone, then reach out & touch it.

    It was very touching… no pun intended. Some of the people I didn’t know very well, & yet feel very connected to them for the long term…

    It was good. And hopefully will be good too.

  3. Wait..where are you hiding your personal space stick? It makes me a little nervous as I sit here and search for it in the picture.

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