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Taking the Pasty Gangster to school this a.m. we were doing what we always do – listen to the pontifications of Colin Cowherd on ESPN 630. A topic that comes up occasionally on his talk show is his distaste for religion, esp. as expressed by tele-evangelists who are “just after your money” in any way they can get it… He brought up the interview that Good Morning America did with Joel Osteen, & Pasty & I prepared for a diatribe… A diatribe that didn’t come…

What did this self-described “completely unreligious” guy have to say about Osteen? He’s positive. He seems authentic. He keeps the message simple. He seems to believe it. He’s doesn’t hammer on others that don’t do it like he does. He isn’t a “religious zealot.”

Interesting to me – I know that Pastor Osteen takes a lot of heat from the “Christian world” – esp. with the statements that he is just doing “Christianity Lite” at best, “heresy” at worst.

Here’s a couple of articles that have been in the news of fairly recently…

ABC News Article on Joel Osteen… and another GMA

5 thoughts on “Fodder for a Monday…

  1. Personally, I like Joel Osteen. We’ve had the privilege of seeing him in Houston twice (before they took over the big stadium). Worship was great and the atmosphere friendly, accepting, inviting, etc.

    After we moved to Reno and before we became involved with Hillside we would watch his program every Sunday night (we called it our Sunday Night Service). More often than night I found encouragement that took with me into the next week.

    I understand some of the criticism, but I do find it remarkable that he continues to just do what he thinks he’s supposed to do and doesn’t seem to worry about everybody else . . . one day the church will realize that “go and make disciples” doesn’t mean cloning ourselves . . .

  2. wow. joel olsteen, God forgive me but he seems so sappy. i am sure he is totally legit but does he EVER stop smiling? not that that is a bad thing, but i dunno it’s just really hard to trust anybody anymore that is up there smiling all the time and making it look like life is so easy.

  3. First things first: Cowherd is a douche. He is the worst of sports radio, and up there with Rush Limbaugh, Al Franken, etc. in terms of annoying talk-radio personalities.

    Second things second: Osteen is a Douche; he’s frickin’ Ned Flanders. He’s just a motivational speaker. Just like I am annoyed by Tom Griner and people like him who don’t preach the fact that their is salvation, Osteen only preaches the fact that life will always be rosy if you’re a Christian. It’s like a racket to be in; “Be a Christian and God will fill your wallet with cash and you’ll prosper.” That’s some “I Dream of Genie” or “Aladdin” BS.

    It’s easy to not dislike Osteen as much because he’s not driving anyone away with his shtick, but he’s still only presenting half of the truth.

    I think that is what a lot of people want to hear, because some have experienced the other half. I also think that he is being authentic, but I’m guessing that he scored with Cowherd because he doesn’t ask for money at any point.

  4. TPT- I do too.

    Noel- reminds me of a friend that picked his church partially because he liked how the pastor railed on the church, reminding them of their sinfulness… he once said, “If I don’t get the condemnation, I don’t know what to do.” Osteen seems too good & sappy? Possibly is more telling about us & our skepticism than anything else. We end up suspecting him of what may be true of us/our experience.

    OP- hmm. I like to listen to Cowherd with Pasty – we enjoy his pontifications, though only because Rome is next.

    Re: Osteen – I listen & watch him often & have never heard him talk about being Christian filling your wallet. I have heard him talk quite a bit about what we think on, what we say, & the transforming power of the Scripture. It’s not everything that is needed to know & live as a Christian, but its pretty darn good for a 1/2 hour of info. & unlike many others, he points people that watch on TV to be a part of a church.

  5. I enjoy listening to Joel. He’s a gifted encourager and that very much needed in this day and age. He’s made a distinct decision to focus on the positive and that overcoming the hard stuff is doable. My .02

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