I’m on my way to Frankfurt, Germany, for a 15 day trip with a team of 18 from our church, visiting with & hanging out with our sister church, Treffpunkt Leben

One of my highlights of going to Germany (my wife & I go about 3 times/year) is that the Hefeweizen is absolutely incredible, & completely different than the American counterpart. The German Hefe is sweeter, smoother, with a great, great finish that has no need of any sort of fruit in in to make it taste better. (I know there are other reasons for putting a lemon, orange, lime, etc. in a beer, like “we’ve always done it that way,” but I digress.) On this particular trip, our team is wrapping up with a 2 1/2 day stay at a B&B style vineyard about an hour out of downtown Frankfurt… We’re really looking forward to the quiet, the rest, the connection opportunities, & yes, learning about & sampling the German wines

On that note, I was getting ready to post a blog stating that I’d be out of town for 15 days, & wouldn’t be posting, when I came across this article A Snapshot of Christian Culture in the US of A; or why Christians in other parts of the world think Americans are a bit cuckoo… by Dan Kimball. Please note that I take 100% of the credit for the title of the link, & in no way am stating that Dan has labeled his article what I called it in the link…

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  1. Sounds like it was a great trip…I appreciated your link to Dan’s article and was interested in reading the different responses. It reminded me of something that Mark Driscoll wrote about the historical connection to beer/wine with pastors like Calvin, Luther, etc… you can find that article here: http://www.marshillchurch.org/content/alcohol

    Keep pressing on man of God!

    Tim Clark
    Dean of Students
    LIFE Pacific College

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