My long awaited 20th high school reunion finally arrived, & Friday night & Saturday day/night, the Bean & I got the opportunity to interact & celebrate with a plethora of people, most of whom I had lost touch with upon my move to Carson City in 1987/88. Going into the evening, (Friday) I made a list – (as every good, organized person knows you’re SUPPOSED to) – of people that I wanted to make sure to talk with in the attempt to reconnect. I feel pretty blessed in that I was able to have significant & meaningful interactions with every single person that I put on my list.

Over the next couple of days, pre-Deutschland, I hope to post some pictures, organize some thoughts, & pontificate a bit about what I experienced. In a nutshell – it was an 11. My hopes for this weekend were realized. Prayers were answered. Thank you Jesus.

3 thoughts on “#20

  1. beautiful, glad to hear that you made a list. that sidenote made me smile :) what i want to know is what happened at your table ;)

  2. Thats awesome! Glad to hear you were able to reconnect with everyone and renew some relationships.

  3. that’s cool. it sounds like you enjoyed going to your 20 as much as i enjoyed not going to my 10.

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