Everybody Must Get Cloned…

If you’ve ever wondered how I’ve ended up like I have, take a look at this:

Steve Taylor shaped my thinking about Christ, Christianity, & living the life of a Christ-follower, often using irreverent, sarcastic lyric/music… stuff that made me think & ask, “Now why is it we do it that way again?” And, “Is that REALLY how we’re (aka: The Machine called church) coming off? And if so, why?”

Thanks to Pat D for sending this my way – you made my day.

4 thoughts on “Everybody Must Get Cloned…

  1. It’s kind of embarassing, isn’t it? The lyrics are good, but the performance taken out of context is pretty tough to watch.

  2. No. Not embarassing to me. Maybe it should be, but I’m a child of the 80s – this is my world.

    Steve Taylor was cutting edge when he did this stuff (or at least he was in my world.) He was a “The Clash” type of impact & influence on me – though the music does sound dated, so does a lot of Bowie from this time period.

    And that outfit. If I had one that looked like this, I’d wear it in a heartbeat. Truly.

  3. I’ll buy you one. I might even make you one myself.

    Taylor’s other stuff makes this album sound even more dated.

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