I chose the picture of Adam Sandler from The Wedding Singer because I believe that it epitomizes the decade of the 80s, stereotypically, better than any one image i could post. Perhaps you could find another one to rival it? If so, post the URL in a comment & we’ll break-dance fight to see whose picture wins.

A few weeks ago, I received a notice that the 20th High School Reunion for the McQueen High School class of 1987 was officially on… for the weekend of August 10-12. Which just happened to fall on the weekend after when the Bean & I are flying to Frankfurt with a team to visit our sister church there. Bummer.

Some may wonder, “Why would you want to go to a reunion?” My oldest son is in that boat, esp. because 20 years is SUCH A LONG TIME.

Part of the reason I really didn’t want to miss this one is that I was in Romania 10 years ago for the 1st reunion – I missed an opportunity to reconnect with some people that I wish I hadn’t lost contact with. The 20 year provides just such an opportunity…

(Disclaimer: I have no Bryan Adams, “Summer of ’69” “those were the best days of my life” delusions. High School was painful in some ways, but good in other ways – people ways. Friend ways. And I believe that God had me in that spot for a purpose & that 20 years later, part of the purpose may be discovered. Or, I may just get a chance to hang out with some old friends, & bring my wife into a part of my life that she has so far never been a part of. Moving to Carson City in 1987/88 meant losing touch with anyone who was still around in Reno – so by the time I was dating Joni, the people that had been in my life as friends were no longer there… remember, this was before wide-spread email, Al Gore’s inventing the internet, & ‘everybodies got cell-phones’, which made it easy or easier to keep in touch & have a plethora of means to do so.

I have literally attempted to find, just short of stalking, friends by calling their old home phone #, the only # that I had for them, but to no avail… Bean never got to meet any of my friends or the people I hung out with – maybe 2 of them, but not to actually see & talk to them. But I digress…)

So, I wasn’t going to be able to go to the reunion, though the Bean & I considered taking a later flight to Frankfurt so that I could go to the reunion. I prayed that God would work it out – believing that the desire in my heart to go to this reunion, for some reason, was a big one, & may have come from Him. If so, God, would you please make a way for it to happen?

Today, I got a note from the reunion coordinator – due to HAN (Hot August Nights!) the reunion had to be moved to the weekend of 8/3-5… dates that work just fine for me, thank you very much.

Thank you.

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  1. Okay, you have to highlight all the links and copy them to a document page. Then the whole thing will show up and you can then copy and paste the links one by one into the browser.

  2. i also missed my 10 year high school reunion this past summer. apparently they went ahead and had it without me, oddly enough. it was wierd, because our student body v.p. called and told me all the info and said the invites were on the way after confirming address, etc. but i’m pretty sure i never got them. she may have heard me audibly gasp at the $70 per plate price at the country club.

    i went to high school with a bunch of rich snobs and mexicans who didn’t speak much english and were new to the country. i still get to interact often with the half of that equation that i actually care about, so i can’t lie and say i was going to go anyway.

  3. See, now I wish I had those “summer of 69” memories. That’s one of the greatest songs of all time. I think that may have made high school memorable for me.

  4. Apparently I missed my ten year reunion because I refuse to register on

  5. CG- many of the pics were late 70s & so would be DQ’d… though the Bill Murray lounge act is in my personal Top 10 of all time Awesome Things.


    Brintus – a side note – the “organizers” of the reunion also have way too much power as to who gets the contact info for what is shaking. I heard about my 10 year through a friend & then contacted the cool guys in charge of inviting – then didn’t hear anything after that. I smelled a rat then, but now have gone to register at as a way of not being left out by capricious former cool guys

    destro – some sacrifice had to be made on my part, so the registrations on site was mine

  6. Sorry Louie, I think they were 80’s because I saw the music videos after Adrian was born….so that dates them definitely into 1983. At least, the acts were 80’s even if the pics were taken in 1979.

  7. If my class is actually having one, this year would be my ten year reunion. I don’t really care. My friends in high school were the year behind me and I still have contact info for them. There’s also the fact that I kind of have what I shall refer to as “Romy & Michelle” syndrome because I feel like my life is not impressive enough to go to the reunion, even though most of the time I rather enjoy it. I know this shouldn’t matter, but somewhere inside of me it kind of does… :) Hope you have fun at your reunion!

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