More good news…

Repent…Jesus Christ will judge you?

What the heck?! I’m on the list.

NOTE: Mr H wanted to know if the picture above was taken of the guys who yell the “good news” at UNR. Answer is no, but this picture is of the UNR campus visitors, though while they were blessing UC Davis with their presence & their message.

7 thoughts on “More good news…

  1. hmmm . . . they seemed to have left off Angry Masturbators and Narcissistic Eugoogalizers . . .

  2. Did you take this picture? Is this the people you were talking about on the UNR campus? Also, is that Tom Green holding the sign?

  3. TPT- yes they did. Conspicuously, I might add.

    Mr. H- no. Not the people, but similar. Not Tom Green. Or at least, not THE Tom Green you may be referring to.

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